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The text below is considered a contract between you and CheaperShopGlobal and will be used accordingly.
1. CheaperShopGlobal is a DOWNLOAD SERVICE ONLY and has no discs to ship out.

2. Sales Policy

2.1 Before buying a game, it is your sole responsibility and obligation to make sure that you have the technical grounds for operating the game, and that your computer system meets the minimum System Requirements for the game.

2.2 CheaperShopGlobal does not take any responsibility for a game working on a newer or different operating system than as specified in the System Requirements for each game.

2.3 All sales, purchases and payments made through CheaperShopGlobal are final and not refundable.

3. Technical Support

3.1 As a digital distributor of downloadable content, our knowledge of in-game problems is limited. For the best support for problems with your game:

– Contact the developer or publisher for the specific game.

– Use forums and fan sites to find information and possible solutions about your problem.

– Use the CheaperShopGlobal Game Tutor to find possible solutions from other customers that may help you with your problem

3.2 For help with CheaperShopGlobal-related technical problems (e.g., downloader, downloading, installation, activation serials), we would suggest going to the Help & FAQ section on the CheaperShopGlobal site to find solutions that may help you with your problem. Your satisfaction is very important to us, and if you cannot find a solution in the Help & FAQ section on the CheaperShopGlobal site, please feel free to contact us, and we will use good faith efforts to assist you with solving the technical issues you experience while downloading, installing or activating your game through CheaperShopGlobal.

3.3 For payment related problems see Section 4. Payment Partners below.

4. Payment Partners

4.1 CheaperShopGlobal has none, or very little, transaction information. Therefore we highly recommend contacting the support of the payment system used as a first choice when it comes to failed payments, credit card failures, suspected frauds, etc